London Luggage Storage – the Pros, the Cons, and the Alternatives

London Luggage Storage
Find a solution for your luggage when travelling to London

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life” according to the late-writer, Samuel Johnson. However, should you try to explore this enormous city without a solution for all the luggage you brought with you, you may feel “tired of life” within a few hours of hauling your bags up tube escalators and out of black taxis. Let’s talk about Luggage Storage in London, and investigate the options that are available to you.

There are two solutions to this problem.

  1. Send your suitcase straight to your hotel with a Luggage Delivery Company.
  2. Leave your suitcase at a Luggage Storage facility, and collect it later.

In London, both Luggage Delivery and Luggage Storage options have advantages and disadvantages. We’re going to compare them so that you can decide which solution you will choose on your next trip to England’s metropolis.

Luggage Delivery

Luggage Delivery is a door to door delivery service. It’s the option for you if you want peace of mind and maximum freedom during your journey.

You arrange for your suitcases to be collected from your home address. Your luggage is then transported straight to your hotel and will arrive before you travel. This allows you to spend the entire journey both baggage-free and stress-free. Click here for our walkthrough guide on how to use a luggage delivery service.

With your luggage already at your destination, your holiday can begin from the moment you arrive in the city. Take yourself for lunch in the West End. Visit the Queen at Buckingham Palace. There’s no need to go straight to the hotel.

In recent years, plane tickets have become cheaper, but the cost of check-in luggage has soared. If you’re arriving at one of London’s 6 international airports, it may be expensive to bring your luggage with you on the flight.

We would encourage you to get an instant quote from Airoluggage by completing our booking form. You can compare the costs yourself, and may find that you save a lot of money by shipping your suitcases rather than carrying them yourself.

The Thames River in London
Enjoy the London sights baggage-free

Luggage Storage

Luggage storage facilities offer you a place to store your luggage for a short while as you explore the city.

These storage facilities are very popular in London. You can find one at each of the 4 main railways stations in the city, the Victoria coach station, and at airports. There are also companies like that have several small locker facilities sprinkled around the city.

This is an ideal option for day-trippers who don’t have the option of leaving their bags anywhere else. However, London is one of the biggest cities in the world. We definitely recommend researching ahead of time. Find a storage facility in the area of London that you plan to spend the most time in. If you have to retrieve an item from your luggage during the day, you really don’t want to spend an hour to commuting across the city to do that.

Also be aware that luggage storage facilities typically apply charges by the hour. If you are leaving luggage for more than a few hours, or overnight, costs can quickly add up.