Sending Boxes of Personal Effects: Get Your Things From A to B

You might be taking a long trip or making a more permanent change of scenery, but there will always be items from back home that you wish you had brought along for the ride. Well, sending boxes of personal effects with AiroLuggage is the easiest way to get your belongings from A to B.

Today, we’re going to look at under what circumstances you may consider sending boxes of personal effects. We’ll also take a look at how you can do this to your advantage by using our luggage delivery service.

What Are Personal Effects?

The term personal effects refers to items that you own. It’s a fancy way of referring to your clothes, books, electronic items, musical instruments and other items that you have in your house.

Specifically, personal effects is the term border agents use when they perform customs checks. If you were to, for example, cross border with a suitcase filled with brand new iPhones, it could be assumed that you were bringing these items with the intention of selling them. In this case, your money-making scheme would not be considered a personal effects and would be subject to customs charges.

sending boxes of personal effects
It’s not easy without Airoluggage

Why Would I Want to Send Boxes of Personal Effects?

There are several circumstances under which you may consider sending personal effects with AiroLuggage. For example, in the process of moving to live in another country, you may want to bring your belongings with you. Or perhaps, you are planning a long-trip and want to turn your AirBnB into a home away from home. With any these examples, it may not be possible to fit all the seasonal clothing, instruments, and gadgets that you want to bring into a suitcase.

Or maybe you are my mother and you want to send a fluffy sweater to your son abroad.

How Can I Send Boxes of Personal Effects?

AiroLuggage’s is a door-to-door delivery service with a lot of flexibility built in. We normally collect luggage from your home and deliver them to your holiday destination. However, it is possible to also use our service to send boxes of personal effects. It’s possible for a collection of your personal effects to be arranged from the houses of relatives or delivered to friends with AiroLuggage. It’s also to send your belongings on ahead with AiroLuggage as you travel from base to base.

If creativity fails you, chat to a member of our team about your situation. We’ll see if we can find a way to help you through the process.

sending boxes of personal effects

1 – Package the personal effects you want to send in a cardboard box.

AiroLuggage will collect your belongings in a suitcase or cardboard box. The dimensions of the box must be no greater than 70cm x 53cm x 43 cm. The maximum weight must be no greater than 30kg. We recommend using double-walled cardboard boxes and filling any extra space inside with bubble wrap to protect your items during the journey.

2 – Complete our AiroLuggage booking form

We can give you a quote for how much it will cost to send your box of personal effects within seconds. The entire booking process takes only a few minutes.

3 – Print your shipping labels and wait for collection

We will email you the shipping labels you need shortly after the booking process is complete. Attach these labels to your box of personal effects. We will come to collect on the date you have requested and will deliver to your destination within days.

Have a look at what this could cost if you choose to check-in luggage with an airline?