Ship Student Baggage and Turn Your University Dorm into a Home

So, you finally got that unconditional offer from the university you wanted. You’re moving to a city that you can’t wait to move to. Now, you just need to figure out how you’re going to bring everything you need with you. Here’s the solution: ship your student baggage with AiroLuggage.

Our shipping service allows you to send your baggage direct from your home address to the door of your student accommodation. This means you can pack as many suitcases as you like, so indulge yourself. We’ll be carrying the load and transporting everything for you. Fill your suitcases with all the clothes, books, videogames, photo albums, coffee machines, art projects, posters, and miscellaneous knickknacks that you want, to populate your generic student dorm into your home away from home.

How to Send Your Student Baggage

To ship your student baggage, all you have to do is complete our order form. After that, you can print off the shipping labels we send to you. We’ll come over and collect your bags on a day that’s convenient for you. Then, we’ll deliver to your dorm within days. You can find more detail on how to use our luggage delivery service here.

With AiroLuggage, what you can take with you to university is no longer limited to what you can squeeze between the rear seats of your Dad’s hatchback. So, here’s a few ideas on what items you could consider bringing with you if you ship your student baggage with us.

send student baggage
Bring everything you need to feel at home


Shipping Student Baggage – Bicycles

Cyclists are the kings and queens of the road in university cities like Oxford and Cambridge. Having a bicycle can help you help you save money on public transport costs.

To ship your bicycle with AiroLuggage, remove the handlebars, wheels and saddle. Place these parts and the frame into a bicycle box, then attach the shipping label to the box for us to collect.

If you ask them, many shops that sell bicycles will often be happy to give you their spare boxes for free.

Courier Your Luggage Musical Instruments

If playing music is something you enjoy, then consider bringing your instrument with you. University can be the perfect place to find fellow musicians to collaborate and jam with. Student-friendly bars and venues are always looking for performers for their stages.

We recommend shipping your instrument in a hardcase, like this one.

Moving Student Baggage – Gadgets

Electronic items are expensive. However, they do raise our quality of life and moving out is hard enough without having to adjust to life without them. So, pack your vinyl record player. Pack your Playstation too. If you love coffee, bring the coffee machine you have at home.

The time that you spend using these things will repay the relatively small cost of shipping them. If they won’t fit inside your suitcase, we can also collect your items if they are securely packaged in boxes.


 … and Ship Your Little Treasures

Photo albums and sports memorabilia. Little jars of sand from a beach you visited as a child. We all have sentimental items like these in our lives, expressions of ourselves. Sure, they might mean little to others but having them around can make a dorm room feel like more like home.

Normally these knickknacks are the first to be sacrificed when a suitcase feels too heavy to carry. Well, if they matter to you, AiroLuggage can give you the option of bringing them without that concern. Then you can show your new friends these parts of the ‘old you’ and take your trips down memory lane when you need them.


Ship your student baggage to turn your dorm into a home