Never been to Sydney, Now is the time to visit Sydney, Australia

Sydney is one of the most popular holiday and travelling destinations in the world. It’s warm climate, excellent coffee, and ease of access to South East Asia make it a hot spot for travellers and expats alike. From the Sydney Opera House to the Harbour Bridge, there’s lots to do and see in this fine city. Why not visit Sydney for your next holiday?

Sydney’s famous beaches are all within a short distance from the city centre. Manly, Bondi and Coogee. This is a great asset as tourists are able to escape the crowded city streets and unwind at the beach.

The name Sydney comes from Lord Sydney who issued a charter establishing the city as new colony of Great Britain – it was initially called New Albion.

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Top 5 things to do in Sydney

  1. Sydney Opera House – Opened in 1973 and hosts performances from the worlds most popular entertainment artists
  2. Cockatoo Island – houses a disused prison – can be got to by Sydney Ferries – also a useful spot for fireworks on New Years Eve
  3. Museum of Human Disease – not for the faint hearted – similar to an anatomy museum, we’ll leave it at that, shall we?
  4. Harbour Bridge – well worth a climb with spectacular views over the whole city
  5. Purikura photoland – You’ll find this slice of Japan at the Haymarket mall. Filled with amusements and quirky photobooths.

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Top 5 places to visit in Sydney

  1. Bondi beach -Best known for its big waves Bondi is also ranked as one the best surfing beaches in the world. But don’t worry its also excellent for catching some rays, for a bit of pottering or swimming
  2. Day trip to Blue Mountains – A place of natural beauty and a UNESCO World Heritage Site – panoramic views across the vast forestry. Approx 50 mins by car.
  3. Hunter Valley – the birthplace of Australian wine. Plenty of tours and vino sampling available. Approx 3 hours driver from Sydney.
  4. Manly Beach – Known for the first ever surfing competition which was held in 1964, a surfers paradise, and only a hop skip and a jump from the city.
  5. Coogee beach- Not really a surf beach this beach offers a clam expanse for swimmers. Also family friendly.

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Places to visit outside Sydney

Gold Coast, Brisbane

The Gold Coast’s star attraction is the stretch of coastline right on it’s door step known as Surfers Paradise. In addition, the Gold Coast offers a unique nightlife from the Surfers Paradise Hotel. Also, do not miss the surfers paradise beachfront markets are on every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. The beachfront offers a picturesque view whilst you enjoy the bars, cafes and restaurants and if you’re feeling adventurous why not head to Currumbin rock pools for a splash!

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Melbourne, Victoria

While Melbourne might not have the stunning natural setting that Sydney has it’s probably the most European of both cities. There’s plenty of to do aswell, with a host of cultures and exotic food offerings. Incidentally, it hosts the largest Greek population outside of Athens and Thessaloniki, the third city of Greece! For a bit of people watching head to Victoria Market or venture up Eastern Hill to Parliament House. Also, for a day trip outside the city visit Dandenong ranges.

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