Airlines Baggage Allowance: Are Shipping Services an Alternative?

Today’s passengers are receiving worse value for money than at any moment in history. Plane ticket prices are racing down due to intense market competition. However, compared to a decade ago, the cost of an airlines’ baggage allowance is rising. It may have increased by as much as five times.

These hidden costs matter. Especially if you fly anywhere with more than just a single change of underpants. Until recently, it was common for passengers to receive a generous baggage allowance. Although, on airlines such as Ryanair today, even cabin baggage is being upsold and strict weight limits are being applied. When all the luggage costs are added up, the flight may cost significantly more you than expect to pay.

Airlines’ Baggage Allowance: How Much Can I Check-in?

Airlines award baggage allowances per item of luggage or by weight of your combined luggage. In the past, a baggage allowance would consist of 2 items of check in luggage. Each of these suitcases could weigh up to 32kg and this would give us a total weight allowance of 64kg.

However, airline baggage allowances are tightening. How much baggage allowance you will recieve from your airline depends on what ticket you are flying on. There are typically four types of ticket:

  • Economy
  • Economy (Premium)
  • Business
  • First Class

Let’s take the airline Emirates as an example. Passengers travelling on a basic economy ticket will only have a check-in baggage allowance of 15kg. Even passengers travelling in first class can claim a baggage allowance of up to 50kg. The allowance is clearly lesser now in real terms.

Excess baggage fees are apply at the check-in desk if your luggage is heavier than your allowance. These fees change depending on the airline, the route you are travelling, and the airport. They range from £6/kg up to as much as £250/kg. Even more fees will also apply if you’re transporting very large items. These may include your bicycle, skiing equipment, or golf clubs. These items may be fundamental to your trip.

Is AiroLuggage an Alternative?

Passengers now have other options for getting their luggage from A to B. Airlines don’t understand this yet. AiroLuggage, and other shipping companies, are the future of luggage transit. It delivers an easy-to-use, customer-driven service that offers better value for money.

airlines baggage allowance
The airlines’ baggage allowance has been reduced


AiroLuggage collects your suitcases from your home address and delivers them directly to your holiday destination. You can get an instant quote via the website. The booking form can be completed within minutes.

The door-to-door service allows passengers to make luggage-free journeys. It makes for more enjoyable travelling experiences. Users skip the check-in fees and baggage allowance issues that we have covered today. With AiroLuggage, its possible to send as many items of luggage as you choose. This opens up new possibilities for golfing holidays and cycling trips, and more.

The most important thing is to allow passengers to decide what luggage they need for their holiday, not the airline companies.