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Have you ever thought about visiting the land of the Sheikhs? Dubai is one of the most luxurious cities in the world with the most modern and sleek skyscrapers. You can stay at one of the world’s only 7 star hotels, the Burj Al Arab, or closer to the beach in one of the 5 star hotels. Use our luggage transport service to transfer your baggage door to door.

Dubair was once a small fishing village but over the past 40 years has developed into a nerve centre for travellers, financiers and expats. After the oil boon of the 1960s Dubai grew into a hugely wealthy Emirate with a perfect geographical position in the middle east.  It’s home to the famous state owned Emirates airlines, and has plenty on offer for the luxury traveller. Surprisingly only 5% of the countries revenue come from oil, the bulk being from tourism.

Explore the luxurious shopping malls, or enjoy a cocktail from one of the many sky bars. There’s always a party going on in Dubai.

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Top 5 unusual things to do in Dubai

We like to recommend the underbelly of what a city has to offer but we thought we may struggle with Dubai, lets see what you think?

  1. Medan Grandstand – racecourse in Dubai can hold upto 60,000 spectators, and takes you away form the bling of the city for something a bit different. Enjoy a flutter as this all grass racecourse.
  2. Dubai Marina – Head over to the Marina for a party in the an upmarket residential neighbourhood. There may also be a super yacht floating around.
  3. Pure Sky Lounge – Hilton Dubai – enjoy stunning views over the Arabian Gulf whilst enjoying a cocktail or two!
  4. The Beach, JBR – this beach offers cafes, bars and a blend of eateries as well as barefoot fun. If you’re feeling sporty there’s a cushioned running track and water-sports area.
  5. Ski Dubai- Dubai has it’s own indoor ski park, if you visit in the winter you might be tempted to see the snow penguins that ski around the park!

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Places to visit outside Dubai

Abu Dhabi

The largest of the seven emirates. The city has been in existence since the 3rd millennium and prospered in the 1930s after oil was discovered. The name Abu means father and Dhabi is Gazelles. Simply translating to Father of the Gazelles due to the land area being populated with Gazelles. The city if one of the richest in the middle east.

Visit the Grand Mosque (Sheikh Zayed), try out a desert safari or visit Ferrari World.


Why not visit Dubai’s neighbour Sharjah. It’s the cultural and art centre of the country according to the local mayor. Albeit it’s closer to the airport most tourists prefer Dubai. However, there’s much investment going into the city. Despite being the dry neighbour of Dubai because it’s an alcohol free zone.

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