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Ever thought about travelling to Kenya? As one of the richest African countries Kenya has lots to offer for the more adventurous and curious traveller. Why not use a luggage delivery service to take the hassle of lugging heavy bags around the airport?

Kenya’s land has been occupied for circa well over 2000 years. The Kenya coast was first frequented by Arab traders and the first trade routes were established between Persia and Kenya and the first Persian colonies. The country was first colonised by Portugal, after invading the Arab territories. Whilst the settlers had a voice in government the African and Asian settlers didn’t. The Asians were primarily brought in to build the Ugandan – Kenyan railway and, as a result, many settled and made their way to the U.K.

First of all, Kenya is the 4th richest economy in Africa. As a result, it’s main sources of wealth include agriculture, forestry, mining, manufacturing and fishing this has been due to substantial foreign investment, and yet the country continues to grow fast. Consequently, this would appear why they have a growing and burgeoning economy in Africa.

Remember to use a luggage delivery service to transfer your luggage from you departure country to Kenya. Lets take a look below at the best places to visit in Kenya.

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Here’s our top places to visit in Kenya;

  1. Maasai Mara guided safari tour – look for buffaloes, zebra, giraffes, rhinos, lion and tigers in one of the most exotic safari tours in the world.
  2. Nai Nami – Nairobi storytelling tour with street children – An ethical journey into the underbelly of Nairobi. The street child tour guide will show you hidden markets, a basic Kebanda eatery and tales of how to survive on the streets
  3. Toi Market – visit Nairobi’s biggest flea market. There’s everything you can imagine including shoes, jewellery and shoes all manufactured and designed by locals.
  4. Summit of Mount Kenya – The second highest peak in Africa, with Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania being the highest. Besides, taking a guided tour and enjoy the spectacular views why not camp overnight?
  5. Bask in the sun at Diani – the 11km stretch of beach offers the best beaches in the east coast of Africa. There’s plenty of sports to do aswell including surfing, kite-surfing and snorkelling. In addition, there are some beautiful coral reefs off the coast and well worth a visit.
  6. Lamu Archipelago –  A stunning place of natural beauty. Therefore, with just a camera this would be fun.
  7. Visit the Rhino sanctuary at Lewa – from just 15 Rhinos in 1984 there are now over 150.
  8. Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park – located at the bottom of the Kenyan coast is this glorious national park. It provides a safe haven for sea turtles, dolphins and whales.
  9. Mombasa’s old town – founded by the Swahili sultans, Kenya’s biggest port remains a gem with it’s narrow streets and hidden coffee shops flanked by mosques and local houses.

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