Moving abroad? Tips for using an unaccompanied baggage service

Moving abroad and using an unaccompanied baggage service

There are a variety of reasons why you might want to move to another country. For some it could be work, for others a permanent move and a fresh start. Whatever the reason for changing where you live, one thing is for sure, you should consider using an unaccompanied baggage service to move your bags door to door.

If you are looking to move abroad, then we are here to help; so why not take a read through the AiroLuggage  short guide to all thing’s expat?

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Think about the destination as long-term not a holiday

One common mistake that people make when it comes to moving abroad is to think in the short-term. A place that may make for the perfect holiday may not be the perfect home. This means that when you are looking for somewhere to move, that you think about it as a place that you will live, work or retire to. Not as somewhere that you want to spend a few weeks.

Know the documentation before using an unaccompanied baggage service

Depending on where you are looking to move to, there is going to be a whole lot of documentation that you need to have in order to make the move as easy as possible. You may not even have a home in mind, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be looking at the things that you need for buying a property, or renting if this is an option for you. AiroLuggage are happy to handle all the relevant customs paperwork for shipping your personal effects – just have a look at our previous blog post for more information 

What are going to take with you?

One main question that you should be asking yourself before you move is what you are taking with you. It isn’t a case of putting some belongings in a suitcase as you are likely to have lots of personal items that you are going to want to take with you when you move. Taking too much on an aeroplane is going to leave you with some expensive excess baggage fees, so you might want to think about a luggage delivery service or the best ways to send boxes abroad.

Even then, this can be expensive, so you are going to need to think about what is truly important to pack up from your current life and what things you could maybe get when you actually make your move.

Learn the residency requirements

Another key thing that you need to think about when you are moving abroad is what residency requirements you are going to need to meet. Many countries have their own rules in place, and it will really depend on where you want to move to as to what you need to meet. You need to make sure that you always read the fine print before you sign any binding contracts as the last thing you will want is to make the move only to find that things don’t work out quite as you hoped they would.

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As you can see, it isn’t always easy to make the move abroad. However, we can promise you that in the long-term it will be worth every second spent.

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