New Covid 19 Airline Baggage Rules

Finally, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. With shops re-opening in England, and air travel restarted on the 15th of June we can safely say that things are beginning to pick up, and there are more flights to resume in July but the DFT has recently published airline baggage rules for customers travelling to the airport.

Airline baggage rules

The DFT has announced that all luggage should be checked in at the check in desk, only, however a number of airlines have challenged this due to the risk of transmission, Ryanair stated that checked in luggage passes through 18 pairs of hands and is then collected at a baggage carousel at it’s destination were passengers will be huddled increasing the likelihood of close contact. Airlines are cleaning planes thoroughly with hand sanitiser available for all passengers. The risk checking in luggage is too high. Check in queues, baggage handling at check in desks, along with the journey to the airport, if taking a bus or taxi, create a significant risk for transmission. Also, airports will be worried that with a second wave that would result in flying being stopped, so it is in their interest to reduce contact as much as possible. In addition, if a passenger became infected, due to airports or airlines not offering an alternative service then there is potential for libel action against airlines and airports. If they aren’t, at least, giving the impression then this could leave them open to libel action.

Easyjet restarted flights form the UK to France and back, and also its internal UK services. Passengers were required to wear face-masks on the flight and no more than two could wait in a queue for the toilet. Ryanair has taken this one step further with passengers not allowed to go to the toilet unless they request permission form a member of staff. Ryanair are also taking temperature checks in each flight.

With hotels in the UK due to reopen in the 4th of July, but still to be confirmed, and, in Scotland, on 15th of July which has been confirmed by the Scottish government. However, there is still a long way to go and there are many different social distancing measures being introduced at airports, train station and other public areas.

Similarly, we believe that the future is bagless/handsfree, if there ever was a demand for an alternative service to checking in airline baggage it is now. Businesses want to offer a cost effective alternative to their passengers which will enhance their travel experience. See our blog post on why you should use our door to door luggage delivery service.

Reports of a second wave were being reported as of 17th June with 60% of flights cancelled form leaving or entering Beijing. Travel restrictions still apply to foreigners entering China. China still has some of the strictest measures and a 158 new cases have been reported across other provinces. However, South Korea had to re-introduce social distancing measures after 3 clusters of outbreaks. But, China isn’t prepared to take the smallest of chances. On Wednesday millions of people in Beijing weren’t allowed to leave their neighbourhoods, the mormalish return to life – busy restaurants, sports events, packed trains and pubs, has dragged the country back to a prevention bubble