Ryanair’s baggage policy and Covid 19 update

With Covid 19 still ever present, and most likely to be a part of our lives for the coming years, many airlines need to adapt to the new rules being implemented in airports and public areas. Ryanair’s baggage policy has already stated that passengers will only be allowed 1 bag checked in to the hold. This is to reduce human contact at the airport to prevent the virus spreading and to reduce delays for the airline. And very recently the DFT have announced passengers should check all bags in the hold, however Ryanair disagree with this, and suggest passengers bring cabin baggage only as hold luggage increases spread of the disease, significantly.

What are other airlines doing compared to Ryanair’s baggage policy?

Ryanair aren’t the only airline to adapt EasyJet, Jet2 and Wizzair have adapted to the current measures being introduced. And sadly, jobs have been cut at these airlines too, as well as possible cuts at many of the UK and Europe’s airports.

Longer haul flights have said that, a normal schedule will take longer to resume, around September time, according to Virgin Atlantic, and in addition to South American countries this will probably be further off than this. New Zealand, for example, recently announced that they are virus free and have lifted all virus restrictions, this has also applied to Germany and Denmark. Albeit not virus free they are probably not far behind.

American airlines have recently increased the checked baggage allowance for transatlantic flights from $60 to $75 per bag giving a total of $30 dollar increase for a return trip. This hasn’t sat too well from a PR perspective.

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What about Quarantining in the UK and abroad?

In addition, the UK government has introduced a 2-week quarantine period for any incoming travellers to the UK, this also includes UK citizens who have left the UK and are returning back from abroad. EasyJet plan to resume flights in the middle of June to France with more flights starting in July and services starting in August. Ryanair announced they will resume 40% of their routes at the start of July.

The UK’s decision to uphold its 2 week quarantine has drawn a lot of unwanted attention form airline companies and industry figureheads who have deemed it pointless – as there’s no way to track everyone, and it’s harmful to the economy – as it will unnecessarily deter travellers coming to the UK.

Other countries such as south Korea will require foreigners to quarantine for 14 days and also obtain a medical check-up before travelling to south Korea.

Why luggage transfers are the superior alternative?

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