Shipping Luggage To Paris

Travelling abroad is the most time-consuming aspect of packing and moving luggage from one point to another. Carrying those suitcases from home to the cab, then handling them at the airport right up to check-in. You get some relief after that, but it’s not the end. You need to collect it at the destination, haul it around again, till you reach your vehicle and finally transfer it to your accommodation or hotel.


That was a long process, and we are sure it is pretty tiring. So what can be a fast, less cumbersome and easy method to take your luggage while travelling abroad? It is better to SHIP those huge bags and boxes than carry them with you!

Advantages of shipping your luggage while travelling abroad

1. You avoid the nightmare of moving around the suitcase through the airports and paying the excruciating amount of extra money airlines charge for excess baggage.
2. You travel hassle and tension free, without having to constantly remember if you’ve got all your bags and not missed out or misplaced any.
3. You get to send in your luggage before the journey and receive it at your destination wherever you wish.
4. You get to avoid the long check-in lines at the airport.
5. When you go online to get a quote, you get to see how much the cost of shipping your luggage will be beforehand, instead of being caught unaware at the check-in counters of airlines. This way you can decide the best and cheapest way to travel with heavy luggage.
6. You can receive a door-to-door delivery service.
7. If you are studying abroad, you can send heavy luggage to your best student accommodation in Nottingham.
8. You get to travel light and hands-free, giving you more time to focus on the actual journey and its nuances.

How does the process of shipping work?

Find a shipping service that you like

Several companies offer shipping services, but some may or may not ship items to Paris in particular. With Airo luggage you can send items to the whole of Europe. But keep in mind that now that the United Kingdom has left the European Union, each item in your shipment will go through a customs check.

2. Decide the items you wish to get shipped

If you know you will be travelling abroad with heavy luggage, make a list of items you wish to send in the shipment. You may even try to get an approximate weight of these items/or a suitcase. Once that is done, you have the list of things you wish to send, and then you can reach out to the shipping company to get a final quote.

3. Book your shipping

Once the rates and delivery timings, dates and destinations are finalized, companies will guide you through how the items can be packed and will take you through any costume process depending on the country and if any paperwork is needed.

4. Send your luggage and Receive it at your destination

The last step is to give your luggage to the shipping company. You can get a door-to-door service so that the pickup happens from your home. Once you have reached your destination, say a luxurious student accommodation in London, you will receive your luggage at your doorstep on the requested date and time!

Shipping to any place in the world is now possible with the increased accessibility and availability of transport methods. So no matter where you wish to travel, you will find several shipping possibilities for your luggage!

Let’s discuss a great place in Western Europe, France – Paris! Whether travelling to Paris for a holiday or settling there, the city offers a wide variety of cultures and attractions to explore. From prestigious places like the Eiffel Tower, Louvre museum and Notre Dame Cathedral etc., to festivals like Bastille day, Menton Lemon Festival, Cannes Film festival, Paris etc., you will want to stay back forever.

If you are planning a stay in Paris for longer and cannot decide what items to carry with you, then worry no more because anything you want to bring to Paris for your stay can be quickly shipped with Airo Luggage.

Items that you can get shipped –

Oversized luggage – If you have a suitcase that weighs more than the airlines allow ( day 30kgs), you can quickly get a quote and send heavily weighted suitcases to your desired destination.
Boxes – if you have packed boxes with your items, mostly cardboard material, then even these can be packed well and secured with tape and bubble wrap and shipped to your location.
Big Items – sometimes we wish to carry items that are bigger than the size of suitcases or even boxes, like cycles musical instruments, sports equipment, sometimes even smaller furniture like stools or chairs, televisions, air conditioners etc. then such items can also be shipped with the help of shipping companies like Airo Luggage.

Travelling with heavy suitcases is a task which is why our shipping services are here to make the process of going abroad easy and hassle-free for you. So go ahead and plan your trips without worrying about your luggage.

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