How to move house effectively: packing tips

AiroLuggage shares some of its top packing tips when moving house, like planning in advance and getting the right materials, to make the process less stressful.

How to pack when you move house

A house move is a very stressful process, from finding the right house, to organising paperwork and switching energy suppliers, there’s so much to do and remember. Then, once all of this is decided, you have the added stress of having to pack everything up and get it transported.

Here at AiroLuggage, we are dedicated to helping people move house and make the process as stress-free as possible. But to help you even more, we have compiled this guide on how to pack when you move house. Read on to find out our top tips and tricks so that you can move house easier.

Plan in advance

It’s vitally important that you begin the packing process well in advance so that you aren’t left with an overwhelming job and a short time frame. Taking your time also ensures that everything is packed carefully and nothing is forgotten. You may wish to make an inventory list so you can easily keep track of where you’re up to.

Stock up on packing materials

Gathering the supplies you will need for the move before you begin packing is vital. Remember you will need a variety of sizes and types of boxes, such as heavy-duty ones for large items and plastic ones for fragile items. Give yourself time to locate these, whether you have them stored away, will need to borrow them or buy new ones. Remember you may also need:

• Packing tape
• Bubblewrap
• Pens
• Labels
• Stretch wrap
• Plastic bags

Label as you go

A systematic approach to packing is key to making it feel more manageable, which is why we recommend packing by room and labelling boxes accordingly. Depending on your household and the size of your move, you may also want to label in sub-sections too, such as keeping specific people’s belongings together. Keeping certain items together and packing room by room is less daunting and more efficient than going in all at once.

Pack valuables together

To ensure that valuables can be easily kept track of, keep them all in one place and store them together before they can be fully unpacked at the new destination. This way, they are safe from damage while staying at the forefront of your memory.

Put heavier boxes on the bottom

An essential tip when it comes to moving house, during both the storage and loading process, is to ensure that heavy boxes are not put on top of lighter boxes. This ensures that nothing gets crushed. Be sure to label fragile items so that they are never placed in an unsafe position.

For more guidance on how to pack when you move house, speak to a member of the team at AiroLuggage today.