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Our blog has been selected amongst the best shipping blogs in the world. That’s right after a panel reviewed our blog against certain criteria we were selected as an engaging enough blog to be named in their top 50 and the only luggage forwarding service amongest the top 50. A great accolade for the business. Check us out here.

Why it’s safer to use a door to door service

Considering this, we are relatively new compared to some of the old heavyweights in the cargo shipping world. However, what sets us apart is our efficiency. Our luggage forwarding service can get your personal effects from A to B in under 5 days anywhere in the world. Really? Just have a look at our reviews. Traditional shipping companies usually require the customer to fill out  lots of paperwork, complete endless customs forms, and they won’t collect your personal effects the next day. Just have a look at our blog post on shipping luggage internationally.

Not only that but we now provide a safer service compared to checking in luggage at the airport. It’s important to know that there is no vaccine for Covid-19 and individuals and companies must take the appropriate precautions otherwise they are at risk. Why would you take luggage to the airport? It’s unsafe. Also, baggage carousels are crowded. This is another at risk area, and then lugging suitcases onto the train or bus increases contact and touching. By using a luggage forwarding service it significantly reduces contact and the chance of physical contact at check in queues, baggage carousels, and loading and unloading luggage on planes. This is now the safest option. Having your luggage collect at your door is the safest but also it’s stress free.

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Here’s what the government, airports and airlines are saying

  1. Any arrivals into the UK will have to quarantine for 14 days or risk a fine
  2. Ryanair has said facemasks are mandatory.
  3. Airlines are restating flights in mid June with anticipation they will be fully operational end of July.
  4. Social distancing will apply at airports, for example to check in you have to be 2 metres apart, which could mean long queues especially if you’re checking in luggage.
  5. There will be no food service on planes and will be purely a flight – some airlines will have the middle seat free, but they’re unsure it will make a difference.

These factors amongst many others will change the way we travel for the foreseeable, with tighter regulation coming in, if there’s a second wave, or easing if we get a vacation.

There’s no doubting that there will be a splurge of international travel. We don’t think that the people will opt for staycations. Travel is too cheap and with countries like Spain and Greece are opening their borders to tourists, without quarantining. Then we can see tourists from across the UK and Europe flocking to them. We don’t foresee Weston Super Mare, Hasting, or the Isle of Bute being the alternative. Considering a ferry ticket with your car costs the same as a flight to Malaga!

Bear in mind our luggage forwarding service will deliver your bags door to door. Safe and stress free!