Places to take mum abroad! Why not send her luggage ahead?

Looking for some mum time? Here are the places that you should visit with your mum and send her luggage ahead

We all love our mums and this means that we want to ensure that they experience the very best of things that we can give them in life. Sometimes this can be something simple such as a lovely bouquet of flowers or a delicious home cooked meal. But, other times we need to push the boat out.

If you want to treat your mum and also spend some quality time with her, then why not plan in a trip together? Taking a holiday with your mum can be amazing and will definitely help to create some happy memories. However, the only issue is picking your destination.

So, how can you meet in the middle here are some of our top destinations to take your mum to.

Koh Samui– Thailand

Of course, many people may think that Thailand is the ideal place to go to if you are travelling with friends, but the truth is that it is actually a great place for mums to head to as well. The main reason for this is because this tropical paradise is the ultimate place to unwind and relax. It is home to a variety of wellness retreats which are places where you can truly reconnect with yourself and if that wasn’t enough, the landscapes here are breath-taking too. Also, perfect to send luggage ahead, find out why from our previous blog post on airline baggage allowance v luggage shipping.

ko samui

Lake Myvatn- Iceland

If you are more of a nature loving duo, then you might want to consider heading to Lake Myvatn in Iceland for your break. One of the biggest lakes in Iceland, the best thing that you can do in this area is to camp. It might not be for everyone, but if you are searching for the Northern Lights and you want the best chance of catching them then you are going to want to choose here. And why not consider using a luggage shipping service to ship your luggage ahead.


Paris- France – Perfect city to send luggage ahead

Sometimes the best way to indulge in some special time with your mum is to book in for a city break. There are so many city breaks out there that you can choose from, it really depends on where you want to go. One that definitely should be on your list is Paris. Not only is it the ideal spot to enjoy some amazing food and drink, but you can also take the time to shop too. What could be better than that?

As you can see, there are plenty of places that you can think of when it comes to heading on a break with your mum. Now, there is only one issue that you are going to face and that’s making sure that mum doesn’t pack so much that you are faced with huge baggage excess fees when you get to the airport! Aside from arranging luggage shipping, the best thing that you can do is to remind mum what is important to pack and what things she might be able to leave behind.

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