Annoyed at Arrivals 24 Million Mishandled baggage Items

Mishandled Baggage Items

More than 24 million mishandled baggage items have been delayed, damaged or stolen after check in, an annual airport luggage report  revealed.

The SITA 2019 Baggage IT Insights study found 24.8 million bags checked in at airports worldwide in 2018 were reported as “mishandled”.

Of these, 1.24 million were lost or stolen, never to be seen again. Just over 4.5 million of all mishandled items turned up damaged and the rest, 17 million articles, were delayed in transit.

The majority of the delays (46%) were attributed to ‘transfer mishandling.’ With ‘ticketing error / bag switch / security / other’ and ‘failure to load’ both contributing 16% of the overall figure.

The report found that the ratio of mishandled bags to all passengers in 2018 was 5.69:1,000. This rose to 7.29:1,000 in Europe alone.

The number of items mishandled has plateaued in recent years. This makes for slightly better reading when total flights taken numbers are considered.

Attempts to reduce

However, airlines are taking action to bring lost baggage figures down, through the implementation of bag tracking and the roll out of bag notifications to passengers.

Bag tracking at loading is helping airlines to improve their baggage mishandling rate by at least 38% – if they already had good processes in place. If they had not previously undertaken any tracking, their bag mishandling rate reduced by up to 66%.

Responding to the report luggage courier AiroLuggage, said: “It’s exciting to see how technology will help to reduce the number of mishandled items in the coming years.

“But, passengers will be shocked to see the number of items mishandled by airlines and that this figure is flat-lining. Furthermore, that 1.24 million bags are lost or stolen each year is staggering.

“That’s why more and more flyers are turning to AiroLuggage to handle their possessions. Safe in the knowledge that their suitcases, skis or other items will be waiting for them whenever they travel.

“We believe demand will further take off once the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted and flights resume. That’s because it’s looking like social distancing will add even more stress and delays at the baggage check in desks.”

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